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Introducing our law firm

Talented Savvy People Are
Most Valuable Resources
In Any Organization

CEO Executive Group (CEG)


Over 30 years as certified Headhunters originated from San Francisco, California. 


Search Conducted in:


  • Hong Kong

  • China (GBA)

  • Singapore

  • Taiwan

  • Korea

  • USA

Our firm specialized in Marketing Savvy Professionals throughout Asia. We focus in recruitment of candidates who are savvy that can utilized their vision for future growth of organization.

With years of knowledge in various industry and sectors, our firm has been at the vanguard in servicing with veracity the most principled and professional standards to our clients.

Our Retained Search

Retained Search

Our Clients from Local Listed, Privately Held, Global Fortune 500 and International Companies seeking out the most highly skilled talent for board, executive, managerial or leadership roles to be filled throughout Hong Kong, China (GBA), Singapore, Taiwan, Korea and USA.

We pride ourselves on Candidate Passive Search Process.

Our Retained Search ensures our commitment of resources dedicated to finding the candidate(s) with the precise skills and cultural fit that you require. In addition, you receive the full support from an experienced team of researchers and headhunter / experts that are devoted exclusively to your needs.

Marketing Savvy 

A marketing savvy professional is an individual who has a deep understanding of marketing principles, strategies, and tactics and has the ability to apply this knowledge to create and implement effective marketing campaigns.

Savvy marketer is knowledgeable in areas such as market research, branding, product positioning, consumer behavior, and digital marketing, and has the ability to analyze data and make data-driven decisions.


Additionally, they have excellent communication skills and are able to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams and influence stakeholders.

Executive Selection

Our comprehensive methodology help us deliver successfully in selecting middle management executives for clients across industry sectors.

Executive Selection works best as a recruitment methodology where the skills sought in the successful candidate are generic, or where there may be a large number of suitably qualified people available in the market to fit the client's brief. It can also offer a quick and cost-effective solution to a pressing resourcing need. 

When a combined selection search approach is required, CEG Executive Selection has access to the research capability and database of more than 500K Names and Executives, and is well placed to deliver effective, combined solutions.

" Specialized in Human Capital Management Solution since 1988"

CEO Executive Group (CEG)

Executive Positions Update

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