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Our Executive Searchfirm

 Founded in 1988

We believed in human capital, "People are the most valuable resources in any Organization" therefore we specialized in Candidate Passive Search.

Founded by Seasoned Professional with over 35 years of Executive Search experience. Throughout the years we have expanded our expertise throughout Hong Kong, Greater Bay Area, China, Singapore and South East Asia.

Our firm's structure is exceptionally effective that promotes locally while at the same time taking advantage globally. Our Executive Search Professionals have been trained to grasp the niche and nuances of every client to allow the individual the opportunity of challenge to work in their field of expertise.

With excellent facilities, experiences and resources, CEO Executive Group (CEG) is able to provide clients highest quality of Executive Search and Talent Acquisition, to manage and to transform businesses and careers in the fast moving and volatile environment of local and international organizations in Asia and China. 

Our Commitment

CEG - CEO Executive Group (斯依兹) - China Executive Search in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) - Specializing in AI Artificial Intelligence Big Data FMCG Consumer Goods Beauty Talent Recruitment - Headquarter in Hong Kong & Guangzhou Since 1988

Our commitment to our client is a "Standard of Excellence" that is based on many years of relevant industry experience to

create a successful search by identifying only the best and exceptional leader available in accordance with our clients' position specification.

We do not just find people who have skills for our client but to assure that it's the best individual executive who is well equipped to blend flawlessly into the company's complexity and outlook towards their success.

Trust, reliability, integrity and extensible performances are the keys to build our firm's reputation. Every client has different  requirements and each assignments that we conducted recognized the urgency and efficiency.

Once we discussed the requirements with our client, we can determine an ideal executive profile and thus tailor our search accordingly. The specifications provide a precise measure of the ideal candidate to narrow down our search to the best candidate for the position. 

Globalization has changed us into a company that searches the world, not just to sell or to source, but to find intellectual capital - the world's best talents and greatest ideas.

( Jack Welch )

Article 01.

Art of Headhunting

The two words "head" and "hunting" conjure up images of savagery and aggression, distrust and enigma. However, one thinks of the concept of headhunting either in the literal sense or more appropriately to the professional reference.

Executive Search is the term more corporate managers are familiar with. Whatever the word, the objective is: to find the best candidate for an executive position as specified by the qualifications of the job and the expectations of the company. 

Local companies need to hire experienced and same token overseas companies requires local expertise in order to compete in an Asian business environment. 

Headhunters can perform this arduous task of finding scarce talented candidates from their own established database while they use their search methods to tap into the availability for qualified people. Using search firm is an investment in improving the quality, timing and proximity of your managerial horse power. 

The fees that headhunters charge may seem expensive at first. However, the economic benefits add up quite quickly as the company saves money by not needing to put advertisement in the newspaper, personnel resources who would otherwise be screening and interviewing candidates, time and resources in researching the qualifications of these individuals, while a headhunter can find someone who can triple those returns 

The added benefit of confidentiality must be a careful consideration, as most companies want to keep their future goals and plans for expansion from competitor, thus they wish to reveal the qualifications and responsibilities for their senior level executive. 

"A successful headhunter in Asia must put sensitivities and needs of their clients first and foremost. He or She must put his/herself in the driver's seat of a managing director on a company to project how this person would benefit the organization. A successful recruiter will thoroughly analyze the market direction in which their clients are dealing, as well as knowing how to find potential candidates."

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