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Candidates Available

  • Experienced marketing professional with over 8 years of Consumer product category, solid integrated marketing communication skills, and strong digital and marketing experience. Proven track record on successful NPD projects.

  • With 5+ years of eCommerce marketing experience with new brand launch/product incubate experience with a proven track record, successfully built a strong eCommerce marketing capability for the organization, familiar with the Ali/JD e-retailer eco-system with consumer operation.

  • Passionate Marketer, Entrepreneurship, Curious to innovate & Result Oriented. Has rich & Solid Experience in Brand Marketing, eCommerce, Digital, Social, CRM & Big Data. Strong Commercial expertise and passion to drive business with end-to-end PNL Ownership

  • Successfully leverage Douyin to drive both brand exposure and new user acquisition for the new product, so to integrate “Brand & Effect”, which has set the industry benchmark in Douyin and taken as Showcase

  • Successfully led brand launch with strong and break-through eCommerce activation with great business result , which was significantly recognized by the company’s Global , Tmall and Mainstream Media

  • A seasoned professional in the prestige beauty and consumer goods industry.

  • Skilled in digital strategy development, new business incubation, digital marketing, online operation, key account management, and trade marketing.

  • With strong commercial and team management experience across China and APAC markets (Korea/Japan/Australia/India/SEA).

  • Skilled marketing professional with over 15 years of marketing and commercial experience in luxury beauty and consumer goods in APAC and Hong Kong.

  • Expert in brand building and business development. Strong in managing complexity with experience to manage big brands with high media investment as well as turnaround struggling small brands.

  • A passionate leader aligns the team’s vision and motivates the team to bring out their full potential.

  • Excelled in Consumer/Market Insights, Analytical Fundamentals, Strategic Thinking and Business Acumen for Growth Opportunity Identification 

  • Experienced in Digging Insights Utilizing Big Data Ecosystem (Online/Offline and Internal/External)  

  • Expert in New Retail & Digital Marketing to Catch Emerging Trend, Hitting Consumers Pain Points

  • Senior Marketing Professional with numerous years of experience gained from Multinationals and Fortune 500 organizations

  • Drove global pioneering brands and led successful campaigns that earned recognitions

  • Led and influenced teams to shape growth and portfolio strategies

  • Accomplished marketing professional with 6 years in e-Commerce business function, equipped with sophisticated consumer operation methodology and data-driven mindset to apply to daily customer management

  • Has 12-year solid marketing experience in branding, digital marketing, and innovations

  • Skilled at communicating with different partners within the organization and external

  • Proficient marketing individual with over 12 years of experience with the multinational organization in consumer industry

  • Lead to successful win S-level Tmall campaign which is the first time the company had a chance to hold the brand campaign on Tmall platform since Flagship opened

  • Gain the Creation Award: help the distributor to obtain the Creation award for the best practice on Self-picking creation and best service award.

  • Competent marketing professional with over 27 years of experience in consumer industry 

  • Achieved leading market positions of all 3 brands via innovations & communication campaigns, and attained sustainable year-on-year double digital growth.

  • Drive overall business growth out-weighted market & strong 2-digital growth on focused categories.

  • Talented marketing professional with 15 years of Brand Management & Sales experience in the FMCG industry with strong APAC regional exposure & international view

  • Keep an outstanding track record on ROI & relationships with business partners

  • Has strong leadership capability. Foster & motivate a high-performance culture

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