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斯依兹 CEO Executive Group (CEG)

Over 35 years as certified Headhunters originated from Silicon Valley, San Francisco, California. 一家拥有35年经验的猎头公司,成立于硅谷


Search Conducted throughout CHINA, GBA and Asia:



Specializes in Advanced Technology : Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Big Data (Data Science, Data Analytics) and Blockchain; Consumer Goods, Beauty & Luxury Goods Industry in Marketing & Finance Functionality. 


CEG has a proven track record of recruiting across Marketing and Financial functions on a wide range of industries & sectors like FMCG, Beauty and Luxury Goods throughout China and South East Asia. 


Artificial Intelligence and Big Data stretches across ever-expanding industry applications, our team has expanded and focused to work closely with fantastic innovators that can utilized their vision for future growth of organization and on course to change the world. 


  • Shanghai

  • Beijing

  • Chengdu

  • Chongqing

  • Hangzhou

  • Wuhan

  • Xi'an

  • Tianjin

  • Suzhou

  • Nanjing

  • Zhengzhou

  • Changsha

  • Hong Kong 

  • Guangzhou 

  • Shenzhen 

  • Macao 

  • Zhuhai 

  • Foshan 

  • ZhaoQing 

  • Zhongshan 

  • Jiangmen 

  • Huizhou 

  • Dongguan 

  • Singapore

  • Taiwan

  • Korea

  • Thailand

  • Indonesia

  • Malaysia

  • Philippines

CEG Division

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Our Executive Search

China Executive Search

Working alongside our Clients, our dedicated Consultants ensure that every Passive Candidates presented aligns with the skills required, as well as wider organizational culture and values. 



With years of knowledge in various industry and sectors, our firm has been at the vanguard in servicing with veracity the most principled and professional standards to our clients.


Our Container Search established our commitment of resources dedicated to finding the candidate(s) with the precise skills and cultural fit that you require. In addition, you receive the full support from an experienced team of researchers and headhunter / experts that are devoted exclusively to your needs.


AI & Big Data
Executive Search



With our Comprehensive and Investigative Researchers, we understand just enough about what AI & Big Data Specialists do to share their passion and vision.

Pioneering AI, Digitalized and Big Data Companies often find themselves at a complex crossroads: what they seek to build their teams, hard to find. These jobs are confidential and extremely important in scope.

Our leadership team comes from a background of Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, Singapore and GBA, China ; Private Equity and Venture Capital firm. We create strong, lasting partnerships between Clients and Candidates.


We at CEG are inspired to play our part in searching, assessing, and onboarding Passive Candidates capable of creating the future.


The future of AI is unlimited.

Executive Selection

Our comprehensive methodology help us deliver successfully in selecting middle management executives for clients across industry sectors.

Executive Selection works best as a recruitment methodology where the skills sought in the successful candidate are generic, or where there may be a large number of suitably qualified people available in the market to fit the client's brief. It can also offer a quick and cost-effective solution to a pressing resourcing need. 

When a combined selection search approach is required, CEG Executive Selection has access to the research capability and database of more than 500K Names and Executives, and is well placed to deliver effective, combined solutions.


"Specialized in Human Capital Management Solution since 1988"

CEO Executive Group (CEG)

Executive Positions Update

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