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Greater Bay Area is a perfect stepping stone for start-ups to go global with a market of 70 million potential customers.

The Four Core Cities

Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to be the Four Core Cities to lead the region’s development with their own spheres of influence and expertise. Hong Kong will further strengthen and enhance its function as the center of international finance, shipping, trade and aviation, as well as the hub of offshore yuan business, global assets management, and risk management, according to the plan. The Greater Bay Area plans to promote Hong Kong’s high-end business in multi-fields, including finance, trade, logistics, and service, also to help tech and other new industries increase their competitiveness. Macao is designed to be a global tourism and leisure resort and a business platform for China and Portuguese-speaking countries. Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong province, is expected to grow to be a cosmopolitan with strong functions in global commerce and transportation. Shenzhen, regarded as China’s Silicon Valley, will develop to a city full of innovation with global influence.

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