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Modern Trade Professional - China

US market leader and manufacturer of consumer household and personal care. Known for its quality and innovative products which are very useful in daily living. The Group aims to help promote cleaner and healthier lifestyle.

The Career:

This position plays a role in Health & Beauty Channel and Modern trade sales activities including sales, sales planning, new channel open, sales data analysis in Korea.

This position reports to the sales manager to drive the efficient & excellent Health & Beauty Channel and Modern trade sales activities. This role is also required to work closely with Trade. Marketing & Marketing managers to ensure understanding customer requirements, business environment, brand equity, and overall 360 ATL/BTL consistency.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Establishes productive and professional business relationship with key persons in assigned key accounts

  • Achieve business targets with an aligned strategy

  • Manage existing business relationships with assigned key account

  • Control trade spending and maximize business opportunities

  • Ensure promotion activities (AMPS) are well executed at retailer level

  • Responsible for daily sales follow up

  • Coordinate with customers supply chain on orders / delivery issues

  • Provides Sales & Marketing management with accurate and timely reports such as sales forecast, stock forecast and recommendations on marketing program effectiveness and competitive activity


  • Bachelor’s degree or above

  • Years of experience in Health & Beauty or Modern Trade Channel

  • Highly proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint

  • With background in FMCG industry

  • Fluent level of English

  • CVS Channel experience


Bachelor’s Degree, College Diploma, or Equivalent


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