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With the best people, resources and knowledge CEG tailors to meet our client's talent and executive needs in different fields of industry that fulfills a specific aspect of supremacy based on corporate expertise and perspective.

Our firm is dedicated to provide outstanding levels of excellent customer service and it is committed to determine client's executive recruitment confidentially, promptly, and effectively. 

In addition to contained executive search, CEG provides assistance to clients seeking board services. CEG has a well established relationship in both of our clients and candidates.

Passive Executive Search Process

1. Define Position

  • Define objectives, leadership requirements, vision and culture

  • Assignment specification, compensation and executive profile

2. Passive Candidates

  • Develop search strategy, timeframes and target organizations

  • Candidate network outreach

  • Applicant tracking tools

3. Candidate Assessment

  • Candidate profiling screening & selection

  • Preliminary media background checking

  • Industry / Functional knowledge

4. Candidate Shortlist

  • Evaluation & Behavioral Assessment

  • Education verification

  • Legal disclaimers

  • Accomplishments

5. Finalist Reference

  • Competencies

  • Experiences

  • Motivations

  • Achievements

  • Reference

  • Assessment

  • Compensation Analysis

6. Client Interviews

  • Debriefing

  • Facilitate

  • Final Interviews

  • Business simulations

  • Thinking style

7. Offer Management

  • Offer and negotiations

  • Complete referencing and notify
    unsuccessful candidates

  • Close the Search

  • Follow-up newly placed candidates’

30 Years of Accumulated Experience

How can we help you?

We are experts in the human capital solutions and understand reliability. 

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