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C++ Engineer - Guangzhou

A leading Tech Company innovator, and contribute to cutting-edge projects in a dynamic work environment. 一个领先的科技创新公司,并在一个动态的工作环境中为尖端项目做出贡献。


  • Lead the design and development of efficient, reusable C++ code, optimizing performance through debugging and implementing new features. 领导设计和开发高效的、可重用的C++代码,通过调试和实现新功能来优化性能。

  • Drive code quality with thorough reviews, unit tests, and documentation while staying current with the latest technologies and best practices. 通过彻底的审查、单元测试和文档来提高代码质量,同时保持最新的技术和最佳实践。

The Requirement

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field, bringing over 3 years of professional expertise in C++ development. Demonstrate proficiency in fundamental C++ concepts such as STL and multithreading, with hands-on experience on Windows, Linux, and MacOS platforms. 计算机科学或相关专业学士学位,3年以上的C++开发专业知识。熟练掌握基本的C++概念,如 STL和多线程,并具有在Windows、Linux和MacOS平台上的实际操作经验。

  • Versatile skill set integrating databases, UIs, frameworks and tools. Grounded in algorithms, data structures and OOP with deep knowledge of architectural patterns. Strong communicator and collaborative team player effective at delivering outcomes. 整合数据库、UI、框架和工具的多功能技能。有算法、数据结构和面向对象编程的基础,对架 构模式有深入的了解。良好的沟通能力和团队合作精神,能有效地交付成果。

NOTICE: Please provide profile in English and Chinese.


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