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Senior Python Developer - Guangzhou

We are seeking an experienced Senior Python Developer to design, build, and maintain scalable data-intensive applications. This big data role will work on cutting-edge projects, leveraging massive datasets to solve complex problems using Python.



  • Develop big data Python pipelines to extract, transform and analyze large, varied datasets - performing machine learning, NLP, optimization, reusable ETL scripting, dashboarding and custom algorithm implementation.

  • Follow SDLCs to establish data access leveraging both SQL and NoSQL while adhering to documentation standards and dynamic team workflows.

The Requirement

  • 5+ years Python experience across big data platforms. Expertise with Pandas, NumPy, Spark for data mining and analytics. Strong problem-solving and communication abilities.

  • Knowledge of streaming tools like Kafka, Flink. Containerization with Docker, Kubernetes. ML with TensorFlow, PyTorch.

NOTICE: Please provide profile in English and Chinese.


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